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Sensor+ (CEM+) Connect with Internet Explorer 7


Users with Internet Explorer 7 will not be able to connect to CEM+ if running  (at least up through CEM+ version 2.1).



The difficulty is a component of the JavaScript code only recognizes internet explorer with major versions 5 and 6. When IE7 identifies itself with that number, the JavaScript code exits.

The solution is to make internet explorer 7 pretend it is IE6 by emulating its user-agent string.

Microsoft has a utility that does just that which should be linked from the following Microsoft knowledge base entry.

The linked download is an .msi (Microsoft installer) file. Double-click to install and then follow the prompts. Once installed, reboot and then you will have a User Agent String Utility shortcut in the program area of the start menu which will launch ie7 with the proper modifications.

Note that there are different solutions for Internet Explorer 8Internet Explorer 9, and Internet Explorer 11.

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