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CEM3 Fan Fail Error


CEM3 is reporting Fan Fail error
Fan is not working

Explanation of Issue

There could be multiple causes of this issue. In order of most common to least common cause:

The rack fan has failed

The fan fuse (F2) on the CEM3 has blown

U23 on the CEM3 has failed

The fan relay (K1) on the CEM3 has failed

Fan Still Works

If the fan is working and the CEM3 is reporting a Fan Fail error, then very likely something in the fan current sense circuitry has failed. This cannot be fixed in the field



With the CEM3 powered off and removed from the system, check F2. If the fuse is good and the fan is good, U23 is the likely cause and will need to be sent in to be repaired. Please contact ETC Technical Services if this is the case

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