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Can Sensor3 (CEM3) Output DMX?


Can the CEM3 processor in the Sensor3 racks output DMX from the DMX A or DMX B ports? 

Can I communicate with my Sensor3 rack via network and have that same data pass through the CEM3 like a gateway or node? 


The answer to both questions is no.  There is no way for the CEM3 processor to output or pass-thru DMX signal from a network connection. 


  1. If using one of the DMX input ports, DMX A or DMX B, you can use the Pass-Thru DMX connection to continue that DMX chain, but this is not a true output.  
  2. If network to DMX translation is needed, purchase an ACN gateway to add to your network system.  Contact your favorite ETC dealer for pricing and ordering information.