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Harmonic Disturbances Directive EN61000.3.2


Do Sensor dimmer modules comply with EN61000.3.2 under the Harmonic disturbances directive?


Dimmers inherently produce harmonic currents due to the nature of their operation. For that reason, dimmers are specifically exempted from EN61000.3.2 Section 7 - Harmonic Current Limits For the following categories of equipment, limits are not specified in this standard - Professional equipment with a total rated power greater than 1kW - Independent dimmers of incandescent lamps with a rated power less than or equal to 1kW Also note that this standard is for equipment rated at 16A or less (the full standard name is Limits for harmonic current emissions (equipment input current ≤ 16 A per phase) A sensor rack has an input current of more than 16A so this standard would not apply


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