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Voltage Range Warning Adjustment


By default CEM3 in Sensor 3 racks will give a High Voltage Warning at 140VAC for 100-120VAC systems and 250VAC for 230-240VAC systems.

Description/Explanation of Issue

In some systems this can mean that a High Voltage warning may not occur until the voltage is already in dangerous levels, or you may be in a situation where you do not want to be warned (ETC advises against setting this warning too high to avoid a notice of High Voltage).  For these reasons, this threshold can be adjusted.  The range can be set between 60-300VAC.


  1. Push the Setup key
  2. Use the wheel to scroll to [Rack] and press enter.
  3. Use the wheel to scroll to [Volt High Warn] and press enter.
  4. Enter the number you desire and on the number pad and press enter.

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