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Dimmer Doubling (Multiplexing) On The Sensor MPE

At the MPE: 

Set DIP switch 4 to ON (up) to enable Dimmer Doubling for all dimmer modules in the rack.  See the MPE User's Manual for DIP switch location. 

Note-Icon.png Note:  It is required that all circuits be connected to a Dimmer Doubler running ETC Source Fours with a 77V HPL.  
Caution-Icon.png Caution!!  Setting DIP switch 4 sets ALL dimmers in the rack to Dimmer Doubled (Multiplexed).  Bringing up DMX512 address 1 will bring up dimmer 1A, resulting in only one half of the sine wave to be output. 
Important-Icon.png WARNING!!  Running motors, transformers or ballasts on one half of the sine wave can cause damage to the device being powered. 
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