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Electronic Theatre Controls Inc

Running Conduit into the Sides of a Sensor Rack

Although ETC does not recommend running conduit into the side of Sensor racks, ETC Field Service has seen successful installation where conduit has been run into the side of a Sensor rack. Field Service technicians have seen up to 4-inch conduit into the side of a rack.

The main concern is that the side walls of the Sensor rack are not designed to support the weight; and that placement of side entry must not interfere with power Buss and Control PCBs.

The Electrical Contractor must make sure that the conduit weight is supported by something other than the rack itself.  Contractors can run Uni-strut from a beam or a wall to support the conduit.  The Contractor will need to comply with the NEC requirements for bend radius and cause no internal misalignment or damage due to the entry location.  If internal damage is found due to side entry, the Contractor is responsible for replacement or repair costs.  If done properly, there is no reason why it cannot be accomplished under controlled situations.ETC does not recommend this practice, but if a situation exists you can explain the above to the Contractor, Dealer, and Enduser.  They all need to know the ramification if there is internal damage and possible delays to the project.