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Sensor Backup Station: All LEDs Blink When a Button is Pressed

The backup station may be locked out. This is a function in the software that allows you to prevent unwanted hands from using the station.

To Unlock the Station:

Press and hold the top 4 buttons for about 2 seconds. The station will blink all of its buttons and then should function as expected.

It is normal for the first light (#1) on the station to be on at a dim glow at all times.

To Play a Backup Look from the Station:

Press the appropriate button and wait about 1-2 seconds, the light will turn on solid and the backup look will play.

To Record a Backup Look from the Station:

Set a look from the CEM or console and then press the button for the look you wish to record for 2-3 seconds. The light will turn on solid. At this point the backup look is recorded. 

Note: If no lights are on and you press and hold a backup look button, you will re-record that look with all lights at zero. This is a common occurrence as many people press and hold the button until lights turn on.