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Sensor Signal Distribution (Distro) Cards

So here is the deal:  SR and HSR Classic (7050) distro card need Classic ribbon cables; on the other hand Classic ESR, CEM + and CEM3 use the 7070 distro cards and the new cables. They cannot be interchanged- they are wired differently.  If you have an upgrade kit to CEM + or CEM3 from Classic you get an adapter card that allows the classic  distro card and cable to be used in a CEM+ or CEM3 enclosure.  If there is a distro card failure in an upgraded classic rack, just replace the distro card with a new 7070 and the new cable. The only time  a 7050 distro card should be needed is in a rack that still has a Classic CEM in it.  Expect for ESR classic that is…


CEM Classic & HSR racks use 7050

7050B5004   AF distro card LF

7050B5104   Non-AF distro card LF (SR48)

7050B5006  SR6 AF distro card



7051B8002 Cable #1 Top,

7051B8003 Cable #2 Center top

7051B8003 Cable #3 center bottom,

7051B8005 Cable #4 bottom

7051B8006   SR6  Cable


ESR Classic , CEM+ and CEM3 use 7070

7070B5607   AF distro card LF
7070B5707   Non-AF distro card LF (SR48)

7070B5611  SR6 AF distro card




7151B8001 Cable #1 Top

7151B8002 Cable #2 Center top,

7151B8003 Cable #3 center bottom,

7151B8004 Cable #4 bottom


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