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AF Sensor Rack Dimmer Module Changes (AFM)


I've replaced an AFM with a dimmer module in an AF Sensor rack and it won't work.  Nothing comes up.


Insure that the loads are landed for that dimmer module.

Check to see how that slot is configured via "About  1-Dimmer  #Dimmer#  Enter".  If the slot is not configured as a dimmer module, it will not work until the rack is re-configured.  It will be necessary to generate defaults or if it is a custom config use a SLTA to change the configuration. 

If the slot is configured as a dimmer:

Remember: In AF racks shipped from the factory (and setup in the field), AFM slots are often still configured as having dimmers, but their firing mode is set to Off.  This means that when a dimmer is inserted into that slot, nothing will happen until you change the mode to Normal, Switched, DD, or Non-Dim.  The reason this is done is so that "Dimmer Removed" error messages are not displayed when slots configured as AF modules are populated with AFM's.

To change the settings:

"Setup  1-Dimmer  #Dimmer#  Enter  Up or Down Arrow to change the mode  Enter" to apply the change.

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