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Circuits jump to full in Sensor Portable Pack


Circuit(s) in sensor portable pack jump to full when set to 1% or higher

Description/Explanation of Issue

This usually occurs as a result of one of the following:

  • Circuits are controlled by a relay module (R20) as opposed to a dimmable module (D20, ELV10, etc)
  • Circuits are set to relay with a threshold of 1% in the CEM's dimming configuration
  • The CEM is configured for 3-phase power while the rack is actually being fed single phase, or vice versa


Check the model of the module(s) the problem circuits respond to. If it starts with R20, the circuits for that module will not be able to dim. You can fully power down the pack and swap in a dimmable modules such as the D20, but may also need to reconfigure those circuits in the dimming config.

If the modules are dimmable ones, check the dimming config on the CEM. If the circuit is set to relay or switched, you will need to change it to reflect the module type and mode (e.g. module D20, type Normal).

If the modules are dimmable and the configuration looks correct, completely cut power from the rack and check the incoming phases. If all 3 copper busses on the left side are receiving power on the left side, you have 3 phase. If only the top and bottom copper busses are receiving power, you have single phase. Make sure the dimming configuration reflects this.

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