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Record a Preset from a SmartLink Wall Station

It is possible to record a preset from a wall station if “Remote Record” has been enabled in the station master. See “Remote Record”. All SmartPack and SmartSwitch products on the SmartLink network will record the current output levels for the preset that is assigned to that button.  

Step 1: Set dimmer levels to a desired look via the test menu and/or other DMX control device.
Step 2: Press and Hold the preset button for 5 seconds.

  • After two seconds, the LED will start to blink at a 1/2 second interval. If the button is held for 5 seconds a record action will be begin.
  • If the button is released before the 5 seconds have elapsed, recording will be canceled and the normal preset will be activated.

Step 3: Release the preset button. The new recorded preset will activate and the LED will illuminate.

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