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SmartLink Features and Definitions

SmartLink is a communications network created for enhanced control of the 32 built-in presets and sequence as found in SmartLink enabled products.  

The addition of the SmartLink network facilitates two additional control features, wall stations and pack to pack synchronization. Neither control feature is dependent upon the other for operation but instead rely independently on the SmartLink network and specific host messages.

Note-Icon-new.png Note: The SmartPack Portable dimmer packs do not share the same I/O panel as the SmartPack Wall Mount. Utilize the RJ45 connectors located on the rear panel of the portable unit for SmartLink In and Thru. Reference the SmartPack Portable Setup Guide for output panel details.
  • Synchronization - each SmartPack and SmartSwitch in the system must have the I/O board installed (i.e. SmartLink enabled) and connected on the SmartLink network. Up to four SmartLink host products may be utilized on the SmartLink network.
  • Wall Station - In addition to the I/O board, a SmartLink host product in the system must have a LinkPower supply (S-LPS) or SmartLink Station Power Module (S-SPM) installed to power the wall stations. The LinkPower supply powers up to four SmartLink wall stations while the SmartLink Station Power Module (S-SPM) can power up to 16 stations. When utilizing a LinkPower supply, ETC reccommends installing the supply in the same host product that the station data run terminates and utilizing that same product as the “station master”.


  • Host Product - any SmartPack, SmartSwitch, Unison DRd with SmartLink or Sensor+ with SmartLink within a system that sends specific host messages to other SmartLink enabled products in the system for preset and sequence synchronization.
  • Station Master - any SmartLink enabled host product, with a LinkPower Supply (S-LPS) or Station Power Module (S-SPM) installed that is configured via the menu to control wall stations. The station master will track and update LED status when preset or sequence changes occur and receive host messages from the wall stations when a button is pressed and released. In addition the “station master” will act as the “host product” for preset and sequence synchronization. ETC reccommends configuring the product with the LinkPower supply installed and the station data runs terminated as the “station master”.
  • Host Messages - specific configuration settings and events sent from the host product to other SmartLink enabled products for lock step synchronization of preset and sequence playback. Host messages communicated include:
    • DMX Loss Behavior: Hold Last Look, Wait and Fade, or Fade to Preset. Wait and Fade Times or Fade to Preset Number, if applicable
    • Sequence: Start, Stop and Loop Yes or No
    • Preset: Fade Up Time, Fade Down Time and Hold Time
    • Language: Language selected
    • Station Master: Enable or Disable
    • Power Up Behavior: Normal or Previous State
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