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Recording SmartLink Presets from SmartPack or SmartSwitch


There are two options for recording a preset to a SmartLink station for a SmartPack or SmartSwitch:

  • Record the preset at the SmartPack/SmartSwitch user interface via the on-screen menu
  • Record the preset at the preset station via remote record

To record from the processor UI:

  1. Hit the Lightbulb button. This will bring you into the test screen.
    1. Alternatively you can set levels using a DMX lighting console, and then record the preset at the processor UI. If you're using your console to set the look, skip to step 6.
  2. You can use the Checkmark or the Back buttons to change your channel selection between ALL or 1-12.
  3. When you have selected the channel or channels you want, use the Plus and Minus buttons to set a level between 0 and 100.
  4. Once you have the level set that you want, hit the Lighbulb button again.
  5. Use the Plus or Minus button to select “Keep test on” and hit the checkmark.
  6. Use the Plus or Minus button to cycle through the Main Menu until you reach Presets, and hit the checkmark.
  7. Use the Plus or Minus button to cycle through the Presets menu until you reach Record Preset, and hit the checkmark.
  8. Use the Plus or Minus button to select the preset number you want to record, and hit the checkmark.
  9. Your new preset is now recorded.
  10. Hit the lightbulb button twice, use the Plus or Minus button to select “Test: all off,” and hit the checkmark. Your lights should go out.
  11. Test your new preset at your button station.
  12. If you ever need to change a preset, just record over it.

To record from the station

  1. Make sure that Remote Record is enabled at the processor
    1. Stations -> Remote Record -> Enable
  2. Make sure that Station Master is enabled at the processor
    1. Stations -> Station Master -> Enable
    2. If this is a multi-rack system, only one rack should have Station Master enabled, and it should be one with a station power supply
  3. Set the desired levels for the circuit in the rack
  4. At the station, press and hold the desired button until it flashes green 3 times

The SmartPack User Manual and SmartSwitch User Manual also walk through these options and can be referenced if needed.

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