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SmartPack Dimmer Output will not Turn On or Off


My SmartPack dimmers will not respond to my Lighting Console and / or SmartLink wall stations.


You should verify the version of software within the pack.  Upon reset of the unit, the software version will display.  This version should be at least 1.0.7.  If it is running an earlier version of code, this may the problem.  You should get the serial number of the pack and call ETC Service and arrange to have a configured control board sent out at the earliest convenience.

If you are running 1.0.7 or a later version, reset the pack and test the loads by running all of the dimmers up from the test menu on the pack. 

If the circuits respond to the test menu on the front of the dimmer pack, the next step is to investigate the DMX and SmartLink station power board.

The DMX light should be solid green if the pack is receiving good DMX signal from the light board. If you have verified that the light board is outputting good DMX but the DMX light is still flashing there may be a problem with the control card in the SmartPack. Please call ETC Technical Support at 800-688-4116 for further assistance about this Control Card.

The SmartLink stations are powered from the SmartLink power board. If this board is no longer functioning the SmartLink stations will appear to be off. Please call ETC technical services for instructions on how to test the SmartLink power board.

If those channels will not turn on in the test mode, the problem could be a bad power cube. Each pack as three power cubes, with each cube serving 2 or 4 channels depending if you have a 6 channel or 12 channel SmartPack. Replacement power cubes can be purchased from any ETC dealer or service center.

If you have any questions please call ETC Technical Support for further assistance.

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