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Pantograph - Diversity Requirements Over 16 Circuits

Stage Pantograph Circuit Count

A Stage Pantograph is limited to a maximum of 16 single phase circuits at 20A. We are able to build a pantograph with up to 24 circuits at 20A; to achieve the higher circuit count the pantograph will need to be operated with a minimum load diversity of 50%.

The quantity of low voltage DMX and/or network cables we're able to include in a pantograph varies depending on the total circuit count.

Load Diversity

A minimum 50% load diversity can be achieved by utilizing a maximum of 50% of the power capacity of the total circuits in the pantograph. 50% load diversity can be achieved by using all 24 circuits at 10A maximum, by using 12 of the circuits at 20A, or any circuit combination that uses up to 50% of the circuit capacity.

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