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Electronic Theatre Controls Inc

E-Stop Button Station Compatibility

In 2016 ETC discontinued the original version (8055A1005) of the E-stop Button Station (ESBS) to an updated E-stop Button Station (8055A1009). The updated version of the ESBS added in an E-Stop Pressed Signal on Pin 5 for use with Foundation Server and QuickTouch Preset systems. The E-stop Pressed Signal is in place of a ground connection on the original ESBS.

The E-stop pressed signal contact in the ESBS is normally open and connects to ground on the ESBS PCB when the E-stop button is pressed.

E-Stop Button Station Compatibility
  • ESBS Version 1 - 8055A1005 (Discontinued in 2016)
    • QuickTouch
    • QuickTouch+
    • Foundation (standalone only)
    • Foundation-HD/Foundation Desk (standalone only)
  • ESBS Version 2 - 8055A1009 (Discontinued in 2023)
    • QuickTouch
    • QuickTouch+
    • QuickTouch Preset
    • QuickTouch Preset Handheld
    • Foundation
    • Foundation HD/Foundation Desk
    • Foundation Server
  • ESBS Mk2 - 8055A1010
    • Compatible with all ETC Rigging controllers and consoles
      • Up to 3 stations per QuickTouch+ Mk2 or QuickTouch Preset system
      • Up to 6 stations per standalone Foundation console



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