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Wiring Guidelines - Foundation Server

The following guidelines should be used for laying out control wiring for a Foundation Server Rigging Control System.

A Foundation Server control system is made up of the following components:

  • Foundation & Foundation Desk Rigging Controllers
  • Foundation Remote Station
  • Foundation Server
  • Foundation Safety Node/Safety Node Expander
  • MCX Node(s)
  • E-stop Button Station(s)
  • Foundation Held Held Remote(s) (FHHR2) & Handheld Remote Plug-in Station(s) (HHR-PS)
  • Network Equipment as required


Foundation Server System Wiring Guidelines

  • MCX Nodes must be used with a Foundation Server System.
    • Each MCX Node has 4 ports. A maximum of 12 hoists can be connected per Hoist Control (C) wiring run/port on an MCX Node.
    • The total combined length of each Hoist Control run cannot exceed 500 feet (150 meters).
  • The Foundation Safety Node & Safety Node Extender each have 8 SafetyLink inputs
    • SafetyLink Inputs can be used for connecting Rigging Controllers, Handheld Remote Plug-in Stations, and E-stop Button Stations to a Foundation Server System.
      • The total combined length of each SafetyLink (SL) and E-stop (ES) wiring run cannot exceed 500 feet (150 meters).
      • A maximum of 3 E-stop Button Stations are allowed per E-stop run 
  • Hoist Control (C), SafetyLink (SL), and E-stop (ES) wiring must be installed in grounded metal conduit unless shielded cable (Cat5e STP or better) is used.


All Hoist Control, E-stop and Remote Control wiring runs should be Belden 1583A, or any Cat5e or better cable. A maximum of 6,000 feet of wiring has been tested in a Foundation Server System; if additional wiring length is required please contact ETC.


Note: The Fixed Speed Remote and Remote Enable Pendant are not compatible with a Foundation Server System.



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