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Wiring Guidelines - QuickTouch

The following guidelines should be used for laying out control wiring for a QuickTouch Rigging Control System.

  1. A maximum of 24 Hoists can be connected to a QuickTouch Rigging Controller.
  2. The total combined length of Hoist Control (C) wiring and E-stop (ES) wiring runs cannot exceed 500 feet (150 meters).
  3. A maximum of 3 E-stop Button Stations can be used per system.
  4. All Hoist Control and E-stop runs shall be continuous, unspliced runs.
  5. Hoist Control and E-stop wiring must be installed in grounded metal conduit unless shielded cable (Cat5e STP) is used.

All Hoist Control and E-stop wiring runs should be Belden 1583A, or any Cat5e or better cable.

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