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Beam Clamps - P75

P75  Compression Tube Beam Clamps

P75 Compression Tube Beam Clamps are required on the 4'-0" compression tube section attached to the powerhead on the motor and/or drum end. Additional P75 Compression Tube beam clamps must be spaced with a maximum distance of 14'-0" between beam clamps with at least one beam clamp installed on each section of compression tube.

P75  Powerhead Beam Clamps

The powerhead beam clamps for Prodigy P75 hoists are comprised of two beam clamp kits; a front (drum end) beam clamp kit and a rear (motor end) beam clamp kit. The specific pair of beam clamp kits used are dependent on multiple factors including beam dimensions, beam spacing, and lift line layout.

The fixed half of the front and rear beam clamp assemblies bolt to the H-frame on the top of the P75 powerhead. Depending on the beam clamp kits used the front and/or rear beam clamp may extend beyond the H-frame of the hoist.

Please contact your ETC Project Manager for your project specific beam clamp kit configurations.

Beam Dimensions and Spacing

P75 Beam clamps are designed for a beam flange with of 4" - 12" and a flange thickness between 3/8" - 1".

P75 Beam Clamps - Beam Dimensions.PNG

The two powerhead beams must be spaced a minimum of 6'-0" apart but no more than 12'-0".

P75 Beam Clamps - Spacing.PNG 

Beam dimensions and spacing must be provided prior to hoist manufacture.

Near Side Loft Block

When a lift line needs to drop from the same beam the P75 Hoist is mounted to a Near Side Loft Block (NSLB) may be able to be used. The NSLB replaces the two adjustable hooks in the front and/or rear beam clamp kits with a sheave/idler assembly. An NSLB is dependent on beam spacing and lift line configuration, please contact your ETC Project Manager or Technical Services for additional information.

P75 Beam Clamps - NSLB.PNG

Front Beam Clamp Kits

P75 Beam Clamps - Front Beam Clamps.PNG

Rear Beam Clamp Kits

P75 Beam Clamps - Rear Beam Clamps.PNG

Attached Head Block

When the lift lines need to divert out of the front or rear of the powerhead an Attached Head Block (AHB) can be used to divert one or more lift lines. There are two versions of the AHB availble for both the small and large frame P75 hoists:

The Attached Head Block allows the lift line(s) to pass over the AHB and divert up to 90° down below the plane of the powerhead.

The Attached Head Block Under allows the lift line(s) to pass under the AHB and divert up to 90° above the plane of the powerhead.

P75 Beam Clamps - Attached Head Block.PNG

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