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Accessing BIOS on a HedgeHog 4 Console


In certain instances accessing the BIOS may be necessary to perform service on the desk.


Caution-Icon.png WARNING!   Changes made in BIOS can impact the way in which your console operates.
Do not make changes in the BIOS settings unless instructed to do so by support.
Access BIOS:

Continually tap the "F2" key while to console is booting.
This BIOS screen will then load.

To Load Optimized Defaults:
Caution-Icon.png This procedure resets the BIOS settings to the default values and overwrites any previously customized settings

  Press F3 and confirm the prompt.


Choose "Save and Exit" to save any changes and exit BIOS.
Choose "Discard and Exit" to discard any made changes and exit BIOS.

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