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Are Hog 3 widgets compatible with Hog 4 consoles


Is a Hog 3 widget compatible with a Hog 4 console or Hog 4 PC. 


The firmware on the Super Widget, Super Duper Widget, and MIDI/LTC Widget is compatible with Hog 4 consoles and Hog 4 PC out of the box. No changes are required. 

Hog 3 single DMX Widgets, however, may need to be upgraded.

To know if a widget needs to be upgraded:

  1. Launch into a Hog 4 show
  2. Open the network window
  3. Navigate to the DP 8000 settings
  4. Navigate to DMX Widgets
  5. Attempt to map the widget
  6. If the widget reads "Needs Upgrade" and is a Hog 3 widget, then the widget needs to be upgraded to work with Hog 4 OS.

Note that after the 3.14.0 update, Widget upgrade information can now be found in the control panel in the system info tab.

Please contact an authorized HES Dealer to discuss upgrade options. Link to Find a Dealer

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