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DP8000 turns on but no display, no display backlight, no ethernet jack blue lights


DP8000 turns on, you hear fans, but no display, no display backlight, no ethernet jack blue lights.

Description/Explanation of Issue

  1. I/O board does not have power
  2. I/O board is broken


  1. Open the unit and ensure that the I/O board's power lead is connected, if connected then the I/O board or another component might need to get repaired or replaced. 
    • Note: a 5/64 or a 2mm Hex tool is required to remove the hardware mounting the lid. 
  2. If you have performed all the troubleshooting steps in this section and the problem continues to persist then arrange for the unit to return to HES for repair. 

Perform repair work at your own risk. ENSURE ANY POWER FROM DEVICES HAS BEEN DISCONNECTED BEFORE BEGINNING ANY REPAIR WORK.  If you do not feel comfortable performing the repair work, please contact HES or your local service center.  Be aware that HES is not responsible for any damage or injury caused by repair or service of HES Products by anyone other than HES or its authorized repair agents and such damage is excluded from HES’s warranty.

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