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Front panel is not responding or is intermittent


Roadhog 4, Nano, or Hoglet 4 front panel buttons and lights are not responding. This issue might be intermittent.

Description/Explanation of Issue

The low voltage power supply is not connected or is loose.


To complete the procedure you will need the following

  • No flux contact cleaner
  • Silicone Compound
  • Q-Tip


  1. Disconnect power to the console
  2. Remove the front panel and open the front panel
  3. Disconnect the 12V power cable from the front panel board Picture of 12v power connector
  4. Inspect the header pins to make sure they are not bent or damaged. If they are damaged, order a new 12v wire harness adapter
  5. Spray the circuit board header with contact cleaner
  6. Using a Q-tip, take a small amount of silicone compound and apply to all of the header pins.
  7. Re-connect the wire harness to the circuit board and close the top panel.
  8. Re-connect power and test the connection