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Front panel keys are mismapping


Front panel buttons are not trigging the proper command. This can occur on a Road Hog 4, Nano Hog 4, or a first generation Hedge Hog 4.



To confirm this is the issue follow the steps below

  1.  From the start screen, select Control Panel
  2.  Select Diagnostics
  3.  Select Test Control Surfaces
  4.  Press a button on the front panel, if a different button lights up on the screen than the one you pressed, then it is ghosting. 

The console can come in for warranty repair. Please contact your local HES dealer to start a warranty repair.

Related Links/References

  • Technical Bulletin for technicians who can perform the repair themselves.

    Perform repair work at your own risk. ENSURE ANY POWER FROM DEVICES HAS BEEN DISCONNECTED BEFORE BEGINNING ANY REPAIR WORK.  If you do not feel comfortable performing the repair work, please contact HES or your local service center.  Be aware that HES is not responsible for any damage or injury caused by repair or service of HES Products by anyone other than HES or its authorized repair agents and such damage is excluded from HES’s warranty.

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