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Hedgehog 4X is not reporting as a Hedgehog 4X


The HedgeHog 4X does not report as a HedgeHog 4X after performing a full install from v3.8.0 to a newer version.

There will not be access to the following:

  • HogNet port
  • DMX universes 5 & 6

Description/Explanation of Issue

After a full install, the firmware on the front panel was updating and did not have enough time to finish the update.


  1. Wait 1 minute
  2. Reboot the console
Note-Icon.png If after a full install and restart the console does not display as a 4x, but rather an original HedgeHog 4, HedgeHog 4N, or HedgeHog 4S, contact High End Systems. A new upgrade code might have to be generated to re-upgrade the console to a 4x model. 
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