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Hog4 Console reads "hog4 login" on bootup

Console will not boot properly. The user will see a black screen with the text "hog4 login".

Likely Causes

  1. Bad Motherboard Battery (Most Likely)
  2. Incorrrect BIOS settings (Most Likely)
  3. Full hard drive (lots of shows, lots of logs)
  4. Corrupt hard drive
  5. Hard drive was mounted as read-only


  1. Install a working bios battery (Bios battery is a Lithium-Ion 3v Battery code 2032)
    1. Connect an external keyboard and press the delete or F2 button when booting the console to enter BIOS
      1. (Note: the [DELETE] key on a console or wing will not work)
    2. In the BIOS:
      1. Press F3 "load previous values" = yes
      2. set the console to the proper date and time
      3. Press F4 Save and Exit BIOS
  2. Perform a full install. (If console still does not boot)

Show files might be recoverable: 

How to get show files off a Hog 4 console that is not booting properly



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