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Hog 4-18 Display will not stay up due to faulty gas shocks


Display no longer stays up due to faulty gas shocks.

Description/Explanation of Issue

If tightening gas shocks does not help then then the gas shocks will need to be replaced.


  1. This should only be done if tightening the gas shocks does not help as found in this article: Displays on Hog 4-18 are loose
  2. Part number for the gas shock is 80430154. They are sold individually and 2 are required on a console
  3. Before installing  the new gas shock the bottom needs to be removed and the clip on the top needs to be removed.
  4.   clip.JPG        remove end.JPG
  5. Using a large flathead screw driver, pry out the top of the faulty gas shock:
  6.  2.jpg
  7. Unscrew the bottom:     
  8.  3.jpg                                                                                                                                              
  9. Screw in the replacement gas shock.
  10. Line up the hole on the upper and and press it in using a flathead screw driver. Once it pops in, compare it to the other shock to be sure it has been fully inserted: 4.jpg                                                                                                                                                                                                 
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