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No valid install hard drive detected error when performing full install on Hog 4 consoles


When performing a full install, an error occurs and reads

No valid install hard drive detected.

The installation has failed to detect a valid hard drive to install to. Installation has been halted.

Description/Explanation of Issue

This could occur for the following reasons

  1. The Hard Drive is not fully connected
  2. The flash drive being used for the full install is smaller than 2GB
  3. The flash drive was not made with the proper 3rd party tool.
  4. There is another USB device plugged into the console.


  1. Make sure the SATA cable is seated properly on the motherboard and connected to the SSD properly.
  2. Try a new flash drive that is larger than 2GB but less than 16GB.
    Sometimes flash drives are marketed with 2GB of storage but have less than 2GB.
  3. Remake the bootable flash drive using the proper 3rd party tool.
    1. If installing to v3.9.0 or newer, use the program Etcher. Etcher will work on macOS and Windows.
    2. If installing to v3.8.0 or older, use the program Linux Live if on windows or use the program Unetbootin if on macOS.
  4. If steps 1->3 do not work, use a different flash drive.
  5. Unplug all USB devices except for the flash drive with the ISO file.