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No valid Hog platform detected error during full install on Hog 4 console


The Hog console during a full install has an error that says "No valid Hog platform detected"


Description/Explanation of Issue

There is a NIC error on the motherboard.


  1. Verify that you are installing the LATEST version of Hog 4.

    1. If installing older software on a newer product, the installation will fail, as the older software version does not support the newer hardware.

    2. Example, in 2020 new revisions of the HedgeHog 4, Road Hog 4 and Full Boar 4 were released, these consoles have a minimum software compatibility of version 3.14.0. Installing 3.13.1 or older will get this error. 

    3. How to perform a software full install on Hog 4 consoles

  2. The console needs to be sent in for repair
    Ways to confirm the console needs to come in for repair

    1. The HogNet port's Network Adapter reads as "Loopback Adapter"
    2.  The MAC address in the control panel reads as all 0's or is unknown on the splash screen
  3. Contact your local service center to set up the repair.


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