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Backup console controls the show, but does not take control of DMX output when needed.


When networking two consoles, both control the show ok, but if the main console goes down, the second console does not take control of DMX output.

It is possible only the main console's DP8000 is patched. When the second console takes over, it needs to have it's DP8000 patched and ready to go.

Looking in the Network window may show the second DP8000 as IDLE, instead of RUNNING, which indicates it is connected but doesn't have anything patched to it.

The main console's DP8000 can be cloned to the second console's DP8000.


Both DP8000s must have unique Net Numbers. Although two consoles can be Net Number 1, DP8000s cannot share the same Net Number.

Change the second console's DP8000 Net Number to 2 for example, while the main console's Net Number is 1. 



  1. In the Fixture window, select the VIEW BY DP button. 
  2. Press the CLONE DP button.
  3. In the new window, on the left, select DP8000 1 as the Source.
  4. If a second DP does not appear, press the ADD DP button in the lower left.
  5. Select DP8000 #2 as the Destination on the right and press OK
  6. Change the Net Number on the second console's DP8000 to 2.
  7. In the Network window, highlight the Net Number, press SET, type in the new number, and ENTER


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