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Time Code, LTC setup with two consoles in a network with external DP8000s


Using LTC time code with a second console on the network as a failover/backup, and using one set of external DP8000s for example.

Description/Explanation of Issue

When running LTC time code to two or more consoles networked together with a single set of DP8000s, it may be best to run the time code source into the network via a Time Code widget into one of the DP8000s. The widget will connect to the DP8000 via a USB cable.

Cuelists can only be assigned to one time code source at a time. Having individual time code sources or lines to each console will be multiple time code sources, and will interfere with seamless failover.

Running the time code into the DP8000 keeps it to a single time code source both consoles will share and eliminates any interference from a time code swap over if one of the consoles has a problem. 

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