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Build a compound fixture in Hog 4


This guide will explain how to create a compound fixture in Hog 4 v3.9.0 or above fixture builder. 

What is a Compound Fixture?

A compound fixture is a fixture that has parts that repeat.


The picture below is from the Quad DMX chart.



  1. Figure out the parts needed based on the DMX chart of the fixture.
    1. If looking at the chart above for Quad, there are 5 parts, a master and 4 cells.
  2. Use the fixture builder to build a fixture type for each unique part of the fixture
    1. Building a Quad in the fixture builder, you would need to build 2 parts, the master and the cell.
  3. When scheduling the fixture, make sure that each part has the proper number scheduled.
    1. 1 Quad in the show = 1 master and 4 cells
    2. 4 Quads in the show = 4 masters and 16 cells
  4. ** OPTIONAL ** Give dotted user numbers to your fixtures
    1. Giving dotted user numbers will simulate a true compound fixture from the Fixture Library in Hog 4 OS

      Master cells are usually just whole numbers and do not have a dotted user number 

    2. Quad user number scheme
      User Number Fixture Part Name
      101 Master
      101.1 Cell 1
      101.2 Cell 2
      101.3 Cell 3
      101.4 Cell 4


    3. Link to article: How to Create a Multi-Part Fixture Using Dotted User Notation in Hog 4
  5. Patch the parts in the correct order
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