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Create a Multi-Part Fixture Using Dotted User Notation in Hog 4


Many intelligent lighting manufacturers are releasing multi-part or "compound fixtures". These compound fixtures are unique, in that they usually are lights within a light, and have multiple control points. 


Many times when a fixture request is completed at High End Systems, the compound fixture and the parts are released in the library. These parts are released as well so that they can be used in future fixtures from the manufacturer. Because of this, Hog4 users do not have to wait for a new fixtures profile to be built. An example of this would be a 12 cell fixture is released, then a year later the manufacturer releases essentially the same light, but a bit larger as a 25 cell fixture. Instead of waiting on a profile from High End Systems, the new 25 cell fixture can be built using the 12 cell fixtures parts. 

An example of a compound fixture might be a 4 cell RGB bar. From a DMX perspective, the 4 cell RGB bar is actually just 4 RGB LEDs.

Example DMX chart below:


Steps to Solution

1:  Schedule Fixtures

To put this fixture together in Hog4 you will need to have 4 RGB LED cells for every bar you wish to patch. So If you have 10 LED bars, you will need to add 40 RGB LEDs to the show.  


2: Divide the cells across the full fixture

To do this touch and drag down from the first cell to the last in the user number column so that all the cell are highlighted.

User Number.PNG

Press the [SET] Key to change the user numbers across this range

Type "1.1/4" [ENTER]     

The first number will decide the starting point(1.1)

the "/" denotes that amount of dotted numbers that are needed for each whole number(4)  



The fixture schedule should now have 10 LED bars 1>10 with cells .1>.4 within each bar. 

10 Bars.PNG

3: Control the Fixtures

To select all the fixtures

1>10 [Enter]

To select a single fixture

1 [Enter]

2 [Enter]

3 [Enter]

To Select a Specific cell

1.1 [Enter]

2.3 [Enter]

8.4 [Enter]

To select all of the same cells of a fixtures

1>10 [Enter] .2 [Enter]

6>9 [Enter] .2>.3 [Enter]

1>5 [Enter] .1 +.3 [Enter]



Note: There are many generic pre made compound fixtures in the Hog4 library, for this example above, The "LED Bar RGB (4 cell)" under the "Generic" manufacturer would also work.

Note-Icon.png Note: Compound fixtures can not be used by the "change type" function. As of 3.10.0 release, a compound fixture can be "exploded" which will break the fixture down into individual parts. These Individual parts can use the "change type" function. 
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