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Can I Reassign DMX Port Universes On A Hog Console?


DMX port universes on internal console widgets and external DMX Processor 8000s cannot be reassigned. 

DMX port univerese on external widgets can be reassigned. 

How To Map A Widget

1. Connect the DMX widget via USB to a Hog Console, Windows PC, or DMX Processor.

2. Start a new show or launch an existing show on the console.

3. Setup → Network; opens the Network window.

4. Click on the DMX Processorto which the DMX widget is attached. (this is most likely DMX Processor #1)

5. Press the Settings button at the top of the network window to open the DMX Processor Settings window.

6. Select the “DMX Widgets” pane in the DMX Processor Settings window.

7. Press the blue plus button on any DMX universe to add a DMX widget mapping.

8. Use the widget drop down menu to select the [serial number, output port] of the widget you want to map to that universe.

9. Optional: If more than one dmx widget is plugged in, pressing the Beacon button to the right of the mapping can help identify which widget has been mapped.

10. Click OK or APPLY to confirm the mapping. All of the widget's status LEDs except for "RX Mode" should now be illuminated and the widget should be outputting dmx.

The steps above were taken directly from the Hog 4 Lighting Control System User Manual v3.11.0 (pg 92) [CLICK HERE]

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