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Compound Fixture Not Marking


A compound fixture is not marking correctly. Other non-compound or normal fixtures mark correctly

Description/Explanation of Issue

If a compound fixture is not marking correctly, it is likely due to the structure of the parts of the fixture.

Compound fixtures are a collection on standard fixture types that operate as a single unit except when it comes to marking. When it comes to marking the compound fixture's parts only look at functions within each part to determine marking eligibility. This means that if a given part in a compound fixture doesn't have intensity constructs then it cannot possibly mark because it cannot determine its own marking eligibility.

Ideally, compound fixture parts would qualify marking by looking at the intensity constructs across all parts. This logic has never been instituted.



  • MASTER - pan/tilt/zoom/gobo/frost.... (NO INTENSITY!)
  • CELL - intensity, CMY/HS
  • CELL - intensity, CMY/HS
  • CELL - intensity, CMY/HS
  • CELL - intensity, CMY/HS

In the case of the TurboRay Standard you cannot mark the master part of the fixture which contains key components such as pan/tilt/zoom/etc.


To work around this issue, You will need to manually mark the fixtures, this can be done by sucking the values of the cue and merging them in to the previous 0% intensity cue. 


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