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DMX Widget not outputting DMX when mapped in Hog 4 PC


The Widget is mapped to a DP 8000 universe and is plugged in, but the widget does not have DMX output.

Description/Explanation of Issue

There are a few circumstances that can cause this to happen.

  1. Firewall is enabled
  2. Driver Not Installed / Wrong Driver Installed (most common)
    1. This can occur if:
      • during the installation of Hog 4 PC the operator clicked "do not to trust" in regards to the High End Systems driver installer certificate.
      • the operator deleted the driver from disk: C:\Program Files (x86)\High End Systems\Hog 4 PC\drivers
  3. Device Disabled (not very common)


  1. Make sure the Firewall on the computer is disabled
  2. Make sure the proper driver is installed
    To determine if this is the issue, open Windows Device Manager and under "other devices" you will see one of the following,
    • USB DMX Widget
    • USB DMX Superwidget (external)
    • FPS DP8000 Expander 
    1. To fix this issue, uninstall Hog 4 PC completely and re-install Hog 4 PC. The repair option in the installer will not fix this issue.
  3. Enable the Device from Windows Device Manager
    1. Press the Windows key on the keyboard
    2. Type in "dev" and select the device manager option from the pop up window
    3. If you see a widget listed under the High End Widgets category but with an icon that looks like a "downward arrow inside of a circle" then the widget device has be disabled by Window's device manager.
    4. To fix this right click on the widget in the device manager window and select the "enable device" option.

Related Links/References

The following are situations that you can view in Windows Device manager.

A healthy situation

In the device manager under High End Widgets, when a widget is operating as expected the type will be:

  • High End DMX Widget
  • High End External SuperWidget
  • High End External SuperDuperWidget

When Hog 4 PC is not Installed but the drivers are

The widget will be under Other Devices in the device manager and will read as

  • Unknown Device
  • HES Unloaded Widget
  • FPS DP8000 Expander Bootloader
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