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Specified range does not contain valid fixtures error when patching in Hog 4 OS


An error saying "The specified range does not contain valid fixtures" appears when trying to patch fixtures.

Description/Explanation of Issue

The error usually appears when fixtures are not selected.


Make sure that there are fixtures selected. Listed below are ways to select your fixtures

  1. Select the fixtures to patch using the user numbers
    1. If trying patch fixtures 1 through 9, 1 [ Thru ] 9 [ Enter ]
  2. Select the fixtures using the black bar next to the num

Difference between selected and not selected

To tell the difference between fixtures that are selected and not selected, look at the black bar next to the num. If it is blue and the entire row is a light blue color, then the fixtures are selected. If it is not blue and only a cell is blue, then the fixtures are not selected.


Not selected

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