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Eos Family Welcome Screen Hangs if Hog 4 PC is Running


I am running Hog 4 PC and when I try to launch Eos, the Eos Family Welcome Screen will hang or freeze.


With the release of Hog 4 PC v3.12.0, Hog 4 PC can utilize the ETCnomad Dongle and Gadget II. If the Gadget II is plugged into your computer and Hog 4 PC is running, Eos may hang when you try to launch it.

Any program that can utilize the Gadget II (Eos, Cobalt, Hog 4 PC, Net3 Concert, etc.) is only intended to be used one at a time. If more than one program is attempting to communicate with the Gadget II, that program or the Gadget II connection may be unreliable.

If you need to switch to a different program listed above, you must make sure that all programs are closed before launching a new one.