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Fixtures in WYSIWYG cannot be controlled by Hog 4


Fixtures in WYSIWYG visualization software do not respond to Hog 4. The fixtures in WYSIWYG might look like they are receiving the wrong DMX values.

Description/Explanation of Issue

This issue might be caused by Hog 4 not running the visualizer stream, and the visualizer not being connected in the show file.


Note-Icon.png Note that after the 3.14.0 update, this setting can be found in the Control Panel / Startup Tab. (show must be logged off)
  1. Follow the steps in the Hog 4 manual to configure WYSIWYG for Hog 4 control
  2. At the Hog 4 start screen, press Settings
  3. Enable "Run Visualizer"
  4. Launch the show and make sure fixtures are patched in Hog
  5. Open the network window: [Setup]  → (Network)
  6. Click on the visualizer, and then click on Settings
    opening visualizer.gif
  7. Under Detected Visualizer, choose WYSIWYG with the proper IP address
  8. Click OK
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