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LTC Timecode drops in Hog 4 PC


Hog 4 PC is experiencing frequent and unacceptable LTC frame dropouts even when the linear timecode signal is properly turned up to the correct volume.

Timecode appears clearly and consistency in the diagnostic application of Hog4, but not in a showfile.

Description/Explanation of Issue

The computer running Hog4 PC could be lagging due to limitations in the hardware, the limited processing power could be causing the timecode task to drop occasionally. 


  1. Open the windows task manager (ctl+alt+del)

  2. Click on the details tab

  3. Look for a process called WUDF Host (you might see more than one since you have multiple widgets plugged in)

  4. Right click on each of these tasks and set the priority to HIGH.

  5. LTC drop outs should no longer occur, and there should also be an improvement in the DP8K reliability.


This might have to done each time the computer is restarted as manual priorities are not maintained.


If there are still issues with timecode dropping out, consider updating software, and/or updating the computer to have better processing and memory. 


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