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Light Converse cannot connect to Hog 4


Not able to control fixtures in Light Converse and Light Converse is not in the detected visualizer list

Description/Explanation of Issue

  1. There are not fixtures patched in the Hog show or in the Light Converse show
  2. FixtureNet IP address and IP address on the computer are not in the same range
  3. Ethernet cable is unplugged or damaged
  4. The Visualizer Connectivity driver was not downloaded and installed
  5. Firewall on the computer is on
  6. Other network adapters are on on the computer
  7. The fixtures in light converse are not listening on the Hog universe


Each number will correspond to an explanation above 

  1. Make sure that the user has fixtures patched in both Hog and Light Converse
    1. The console will not detect a visualizer if there are not fixtures patched
  2. Make sure the console's FixtureNet and computer are in the same IP address range and have the same netmask
  3. Make sure the ethernet cable is plugged in
    1. In the control panel on the console, check the link state in the FixtureNet tab. Up = connected. Down = disconnected
    2. Try swapping cables
  4. Make sure the user has downloaded the connectivity driver. If they have, and there is still an issue after going through the next steps, have them download Hog 4 PC
  5. Turn off the firewall
  6. Turn off all network adapters except for the one being used by FixtureNet on the computer
  7. In LightConverse, under DMX, click on a fixture and make sure that the DMX input is coming from Hog and not DMX or any other option.

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