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Map Wing to a Playback Bar


A wing needs to control a playback bar or needs to control faders on a Hog 4 console, Hog 4 PC, or Rack Hog.

These steps can also be used to map a Nano Hog 4 or a Hoglet 4 to the main playbacks in Hog 4 PC or on a Rack Hog 4.

Steps to Solution

  1.  Open the Control Panel
    If inside the show, [ Setup ] ( Control Panel)
    If at start screen, ( Control Panel)
  2.  Go to the "Wings" tab
  3.  For the appropriate playback bar, click the drop down menu for Dock Assignments
    Docking assignment
  4.  Select the wing that you want
    1. If you are mapping multiple wings, you can click on the beacon icon after selecting the wing to light the "Choose" buttons on the wing.
  5.  Tap on Dock
  6. Click "OK"
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