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Midi Show Control Information for Hog 4 Consoles

When triggering a Hog using Midi Show Control (MSC) you can monitor the data stream and read the incoming MSC data string by going into Control Panel on the Hog and pressing Event Monitor. Event Monitor can show what's coming into the console via MIDI or Time code.

How to read an MSC event

To get the Hog to do a Go on 34.4 on Cuelist 1 you need to be seeing:

F0 7F 01 02 01 01 33 34 2E 34 00 31 F7 (the last F7 byte is truncated in the event monitor).

Which means:

F0 7F 01 02 01
This is the standard start string to tell a Hog with a device ID of 1 and a format no. of 1 that a MSC command follows . . .
this is a go command followed by
33 34 2E 34
cue 34.4 - each digit is represented separately, as themselves plus 30 (e.g. digit 8 would be hex 38 and digit 5 would be hex 35) and the point is provided by the 2E byte
null byte
cuelist number 1
end of message (you don't see this in event monitor)


  • The classic Go command in MSC goes (ignoring the F0 7F 01 02 01 prefix and the F7 at the end):
    01 <Q number> 00 <Q list> 00 <Q path>
  • The Hog doesn't use the Q path command in this way, so it will ignore it. Changing pages on the Hog uses the 1D command:
    1D <page no.>
  • If your choose button is not lit over your master cuelist on the Hog, the commands will not work

    Not using the cuelist number is like using the Big Go button. 

  • There is no way to distinguish between scenes and cuelists. If you want to trigger a scene, give the CUE_PATH a value of 5 and the cue number the scene number you would like to trigger



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