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Perform a software upgrade on Hog 4 consoles


Occasionally a software version can be upgraded without the need to do a full install. This is called a software upgrade and will use an FPSPKG installer package.


Check the release notes if a software upgrade can be performed. If it cannot be performed, then you will need to follow the instructions to perform a full install.

Steps to Solution

  1.  Download the FPSPKG installer from High End's website
  2.  Copy the file to a USB flash drive

    The file name will be Hog4_X-X-X-X.fpspkg where the Xs represent the software version number

  3.  Insert the USB flash drive containing the upgrade file into any USB slot on the console
  4.  Go to the Start window and press (Update Software)
  5.  Browse to the USB flash drive and select the FPSKG file and press (OK)
  6.  Hog 4 OS will upgrade without further interaction
  7.  Once complete check the splash screen to ensure the console is running the correct software version
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