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Parked values for Hog 4 Software


I have certain parameters acting independently from the programming window, playback, and Grand Master that I cannot seem to clear. Where can I check to see if these parameters have been parked?  

Viewing What Is Parked

You may view parked parameters in the Fixture window, Output window, and in the Parked Output window. 

  • Fixture Window
    • Open the Fixture window
    • Press on Show Details
    • See the Parked column for currently parked parameters

Fixture Window 0.jpeg

  • Output Window
    • Open the Output window
    • Click the Sources button to toggle between parked data and the word "parked". 

 Output Window 0.jpeg

  • Parked Output Window
    • Use Open + Parked on the toolbar. 
    • Any values shown in this window are currently parked.

Parked Window 0.jpeg

  • Encoder Display
    • When the fixture is selected, parked parameters will have an orange outline around the applicable encoder label

Encoder Display.png