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Set a command key as a flash button

A command key can be used as a flash button if a scene or a list is moved to that command key.


  1. Create the flash look and record it to a scene or a cuelist
  2. Make sure the command/kind keys are in command mode
    Next to the command line, either KIND or CMD is shown. CMD needs to be shown like in the picture
    [Pig] & [Enter] will toggle the modes
  3. Move the scene or cuelist to the command key
    • Syntax to move a scene: [Scene] # [Move] Command Key
    • Syntax to move a cuelist: [List] # [Move] Command Key
  4. Open the scene or list, navigate to the Options, and then navigate to the Standard tab
    The GIF below shows opening the Scene Optionsopening scene options.gif
  5. In the Standard tab, Check "+ Go on Flash" and "+ Release on off" like in the picture below
  6. Set the Command Key's action to flash
    1. Open the Commands, [Open]  & (Commands)
    2. Turn on Spreadsheet view by pressing the spreadsheet icon
    3. Tap on the Action cell of the Scene or List and press [Set]
    4. Choose Flash from the menu and you're done!
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