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What does Pig do?


The Pig button is a modifier key, similar in the way Shift or Control keys work on personal computers.


[Pig] + [Blind] Fades changes when blinding and un-blinding (normal functionality is to snap) All consoles
[Pig] + [Clear] Undo All consoles
[Pig] + (Flip) Sends fixtures through the flip positions in reverse order All consoles
[Pig] + (Park) Un-parks selected fixtures All consoles
[Pig] + (Touch) Touches specified parameters and fixtures but as record ineligible All consoles
[Pig] + [Live]  Selects all fixtures that are on stage regardless of intensity All consoles
[Fixture], [Pig] + Fixture type Select all fixtures of a particular type All consoles
[Pig] + Encoder wheel Allows fine adjustment of the wheel's value All consoles
[Pig] + [Intens / Positn / Coulour / Beam / Effect / Time] Steps backwards through the kind's wheelsets All consoles
[Pig] + [Record] Inverts the current kind masking scheme for that record operation All consoles
[Pig] + [Merge] Inverts the current kind masking scheme for that merge operation All consoles
[Pig] + [Fixture] Tokens the word "plot" on the command line All consoles
[Pig] + [Macro] Stops the recording of a keystroke macro, OR stop the playback of a running macro All consoles
[Pig] + [.] + Encoder wheel Sets wheel to default value and mode All consoles
[Pig] + [@] When patching with View by DP enabled, un-patches the selected fixtures All consoles
[Pig] + Intensity wheel Increases / decreases intensities in proportion to their individual level Only on Hog 4-18, Hog 4
[Pig] + [Nudge Up] or [Nudge Down] Increases / decreases the intensity by half the assigned amount (by default, this will result in nudging by plus or minus 5%) Only on Hog 4-18, Hog 4, Full Boar 4
[Pig] + Parameter wheel button When the encoder wheel button is set to Adjust by One (default), this will decrease the value by one All consoles
[Pig] + (Even) or (Odd) Select even or odd fixtures from the current selection based upon fixture user numbers, or when working on fixtures with dotted notation, only the whole number portion of the user number is considered when determining odd and even selections All consoles
Hold [Pig] when dragging items in Plots Override the -snap-to-grid function All consoles
Hold [Pig] when pressing a show item in Plots Tokens the show item to the command line without executing the item All consoles
[Pig] + [Open] + [Colour] Opens the Colour Picker window All consoles
[Pig] + [Open] + [Beam] Opens the Media Picker window All consoles
[Pig] + [Open] + [Fixture] Opens the Plots directory All consoles
[Pig] + [Open] + List of Scene Directory Item Directory Item opens option window for the list or scene items that is pressed All consoles
[Pig] + (Size) Cycles through the possible window sizes in the reverse order All consoles
[Pig] + (>>) on the View Toolbar Changes view toolbar to previous page of views, rather than next page of views All consoles
[Pig] + [Set] Acts as a right mouse click All consoles
[Pig] + Arrow keys Allows for selection of multiple cell items in spreadsheets All consoles
[Pig] + [BKSP] Removes values from the currently highlighted cells in the Programmer or editor All consoles
[Pig] + [Copy] Copies the contents of the currently selected cells All consoles
[Pig] + [Move] Pastes into the currently selected cells All consoles
[Pig] + [Set] Acts as a right mouse click All consoles
[Pig] + Arrow keys Extends directory item selection All consoles
[Pig] + Button in a directory Overrides directory Guard button All consoles
[Pig] + [Set] Acts as a right mouse click All consoles
[Pig] + Click on a file Allows for selection of multiple files (Pig key is acting like control key) All consoles
[Pig] + Drag a file to another folder Creates a copy of the file in the new location All consoles
[Pig] + [Release] Releases all active cuelists and scenes All consoles
[Pig] + any of a master's playback keys Release that master, regardless of the function All consoles
[Pig] + [Choose] Opens the options window for the selected master All consoles
Flash key + [Pig] - Flash key - [Pig] Latches the flash key until the flash key is pressed again All consoles
[Pig] + Rate wheel restore key Permanently store the rate wheel's modifications for a cuelist/scene master Only on Hog 4-18, Hog 4
[Pig] + [GM] Acts as a DBO (Dead Black Out) key Only on Road Hog 4-21, Road Hog 4, all HedgeHogs
[Pig] + Batch fader Capture a variable parameter (for example intensity or playback scaling) from the cues/scenes in the batch to the fader  All consoles
[Pig] + [Next Page] Acts as a Previous Page button All consoles
[Pig] + Command Key Releases the cuelist/scene linked to the Command Key All consoles
[Pig] + [Open] + [BKSP] Opens the Launched Processes window (used to restart the Desktop after a desktop crash) All consoles
[Pig] + [Open] + [1] Opens the Log Viewer window All consoles
[Pig] + [Open] + [5] Opens the debug tool All consoles
[Pig] + [Open] + [Delete]

Restarts the console if held for 5 seconds

*On Hog 4-18 holding this key combination for 5 seconds shuts down the console, then the keys must be released and held again for 5 seconds to boot the console

All consoles
[Pig] + [Fan] + Up Cursor Key Enables the front panel to be used as a keyboard during a full software install All consoles
[Pig] + [Fan] + Down Cursor Key Disables the front panel from being used as a keyboard during a full software install and returns it to Hog mode All consoles
[Pig] + [Enter] Toggles the function keys between Kind Key and Command Key mode All consoles
[Pig] + [Setup] Toggles the work light on and off Only on Hog 4-18, Hog 4, Full Boar 4, Road Hog 4-21 and Road Hog 4
[Pig] + (Undo) Redo All consoles
[Pig] + on-screen keyboard key Acts as a shift key, to type upper case characters All consoles
[Pig] + [.] Toggles slot toolbar and encoder wheel toolbar on / off All consoles
[Pig] + [1], [2], [3], etc. Toggles playback bars on / off All consoles
[Pig] Ideal key to wake console from sleep as it will not cause playback or place items on the command line All consoles

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