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Window is not opening on Hog 4 Console



A window, such as a cuelist or an editor, is not opening.

Explanation of Issue

When window resizing is unlocked, windows may be resized by a user to any size within a screen.  This may lead to accidently resizing a screen to a small or non-visible size.  Further more, if using different monitor configurations (changing console models, or no longer using external monitors), windows may be resized to better accommodate the new view space, which could result in small windows to be reduced further in size.


  1. On Hog, there is always a window in focus; this window can be identified by a blue outline.  All other windows will be outlined in grey.  A newly opened window will always open in focus, having a blue outline.

Window Open.gif

The Cuelist Directory was in focus, but upon opening the cuelist, the Cuelist Window opens in focus.

  1. If trying to open a window, and it does not appear to be open, make sure the window you were working in has a grey frame.

Reduced Window Open.gif

In this example, the window is opening up extremely small in the top right corner.  It is possible to size a window in a way where it is not visible.

  1. If so, and all other windows have grey frames as well, a new window has opened somewhere.  To find it, maximize the window by using the Max button in the Window Control Toolbar, or with the keyboard shortcut [Open] and [Full].


  1. From here, you may resize the window using the Size button in the Window Control Toolbar, or the keyboard shortcuts [Open] and [+] or [Open] and [-].
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