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CITP Refresh on a Hog is failing on a specific item in the Axon HD or Axon HD Pro


CITP media refresh process is failing on the Hog.

Description/Explanation of Issue

A specific item is not being returned by the media server and is causing a time-out to be seen on the status screen. To see which item, or to narrow down the problem file, look at the status of the refresh process. You can see this by opening the media picker on the Hog 4 and clicking on the green check mark. In the media status window, tap on the task that is running. The error will read as Unable to download "filename" no reply from media server for each file causing the issue. The process will timeout on the Hog side, this will be in the 1000's of seconds.

The items are not present or are corrupt on the Axon HD or Axon HD Pro


  1. Download the (click here to download)
  2. Extract the contents of the
  3. Copy the CITP_FIX.hes file to a flash drive
  4. Put the flash drive on the Axon HD or Axon HD Pro
  5. In the CMA, select Servers
  6. Select Upgrade Software from the menu
  7. Select the CITP_FIX.hes as the upgrade file and perform the software upgrade

If there are still issues, please contact High End Systems support.

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